HydraFacial Success Stories

Thousands of medical clinics and spas all around the world have invested in HydraFacial and achieved success.  It only takes around 29 patients experiencing regular Hydrafacial treatments to achieve a return on investment.

A Treatment Patients Want To come Back For

HydraFacial MD® device is one of the smartest revenue generating technology investments you can make. The treatment is affordable for patients, and provides instant, lasting results that keep them returning on a monthly basis. Because of this, HydraFacial becomes the focal point of your practice, allowing you to tie together all of your other services and generate substantial profit growth across all treatments.

  • Minimum Investment, Maximum Return
  • Immediate Results Engage New Customers
  • Client Education Leads to Patient Retention
  • Results That Patients & Their Friends Notice Lead To Referrals
  • Monthly Clients = Increased Revenue
HydraFacial Return On Investment Graphic

What Australian Doctors Say About Hydrafacial

“Patients enjoy the whole process – from the actual treatment, how skin feels immediately afterwards, to the long-term benefits seen in skin health. I have always preferred using the more “medical” side of dermal therapies – treatments that make a difference but that patients don’t necessarily enjoy. Now we can achieve these same benefits with a treatment that patients look forward to experiencing.”

Dr Jayson Oates, Academy Facial Plastics

“Every stage of the HydraFacial® is essential to the outcome. The infusion of antioxidants and active ingredients is extremely valuable, while the peel, exfoliation and deep extractions involved induce complementary effects. While the HydraFacial® works on the skin’s surface, laser therapy targets the skin’s deeper layers and radiofrequency uses energy to stimulate collagen production in the dermis, or the skin’s deepest layer. Using them together creates an all-encompassing approach to anti-ageing.”

Dr Garry Cussell, The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic

‘The HydraFacial is great for skin maintenance, or skin “fitness. It noticeably decongests and shrinks pores, and then plumps skin with antioxidant and hyaluronic acid infusions. The skin is left healthier and glowing after a HydraFacial treatment.’

Dr Bruce Williamson

“Patients love it because they can have regular treatments where they instantly see and feel the difference in their skin…The HydraFacial® is a great adjunct to other surgical and non-surgical services. For example, it can prepare skin before laser or surgery, or help freshen the skin after the use of dermal fillers or anti-wrinkle injections. It’s great for the patient and the clinic, as it’s relatively inexpensive and can be used as a monthly treatment to encourage return visits.”

Dr Mark Magnusson, Toowoomba Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

“Treatment with HydraFacial® produces radiant, dewy skin. It’s ideal as a refreshment treatment before a big event, as there is no downtime associated with the treatment and it works on all skin types and all skin conditions…I use HydraFacial® in conjunction with peels, skin-needling, laser skin resurfacing treatments and also alongside injectable facial rejuvenation. It is particularly effective when used between more aggressive laser skin treatments.”

Dr Anh Nguyen – Plastic Surgeon

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Results & Convenience That Patients Value...

HydraFacial® is a 20-30 minute procedure that allows patients to fit professional skin care into their busy lifestyles without compromising results. The instantly noticeable improvement in skin tone and texture created by Hydrafacial achieves high patient satisfaction.  Patients value the results and will pay a premium for the convenience that Hydrafacial offers.

Hydrafacial Therapist Treating A Patient

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HydraFacial is a low-risk investment. If you have a minimum of 29 clients interested in regular treatments to improve the health of their skin and its appearance you can pay for HydraFacial.

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